Ancient Middle Eastern Mythologies

Coming soon: Short summaries and interesting things about the mythologies of Ancient Egypt, Persia, Babylonia etc.!

Ancient Egypt mythology

The Egypts had, like most cultures in the Middle East and also like the ancient Greeks, a pantheon with a lot of gods and goddesses, each standing for something different, with some gods sometimes being both a creator god. Sometimes, gods also fused together, and the new one carrying characteristics of both.
Their story of the origin of the world will be posted here soon.

Osiris, Anubis, Horus (on the left side), Osiris, Horemheb, Hathor

Some other of the most important gods:
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Creator, king of the gods
(later fused with
Ra to Amun-Ra)
Creator of life
(later fused with Horus,
before being fused with Amun)
Mother goddess
fertility, magic

In fact, unlike with Greek Mythology, it's not easy to say which god was supposed to be the most powerful and important, since this changed throughout time and also depended on the location. Gods became more or less important, fused together or disappeared almost completely.